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’14 Grad Ana Pierson Dives into Music, Photography

Alumni Spotlight

Jacey McLaughlin, Features Editor

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Music and photography are two of the most challenging industries to break into. Alumnus Ana Pierson is delving in and taking on the challenge.

Pierson graduated in 2014, she was part of the soccer team as a freshman and sophomore, and all four years she was in show choir. She also participated in a couple of musicals during her time in high school.

She studies Ministry to Women and Biblical Exposition at Moody Bible College in Chicago.

“I want to learn how to disciple women, teach them the word of God, and also equip them to be able to study it on their own,” Pierson said.

Pierson hopes to be a conference speaker and Bible Study writer or podcaster. She doesn’t know if that is where she will end up, but she is open to anything that honors her religious beliefs.

“It’s not in my hands! I just have to be faithful with giving back the gifts God has given me,” says Pierson.

While in Chicago, and when back in Fort Wayne, she has a photography business. She started snapping photos as a child, but didn’t take class at school until her senior year when Mrs. Croy allowed her to hop in A.P. photo mid-year. After that the rest was history.

“Since my first senior picture shoot I’d say it’s been about six years,” she said.

Pierson tells students looking to pursue photography to just keep going, mess around with everything, always snap pictures, and “make the mundane creative”. She encourages students to be okay with failing, it allows one to learn what they are the best at, and what is not their strongest point.

Pierson also advises to not go into it for the money, “let your love for creativity and capturing irreplaceable moments drive your desire to photograph.”

Along with photography, Pierson is also pursuing music while in Chicago.

“At this point I have released four covers/mashups of songs, but by May 2018 there will be five more [songs] out,” says Pierson.

She isn’t too sure where music will take her or if she will continually release music in the future. Pierson hopes that in all she does she is able to glorify the Lord. She isn’t sure if that entails her music or something completely different, but whatever it is she is ready for it.

For students interested in a career or life in music Pierson wrestles with giving advice.

“I would honestly struggle to explicitly give advice. Here is why- I did not push my way up the social ladder to get the opportunity to record. I was approached and asked,” she said. 

Pierson says she has watched people try and reach the top, and she says it “consumes them.” As a Christian, Pierson seeks Christ overall professions and hobbies.

Her advice varies from what the rest of society would say. She says that if you love music to just keep on going, music allows certain emotions to be expressed.


She also advises to use music to speak to listeners and to not just be “that guy or girl”  who makes music for themselves.

“We have a lot of selfish artists out there,” she said.

Pierson uses her music to spread the love of Christianity. She does so in hopes that it can impact someone in a positive way, so that they may come to know Christ.

Pierson also says to take one step at a time because the future is out of anyone’s control, but don’t be lazy about it. She says life unfolds one day at a time and opportunities come about that no one could even imagine. Live for now, “You won’t get a re-do… don’t sweat it,” she said.

She isn’t too concerned with making music her career.

“If this is truly something you want to do as a career, dream big,” Pierson said. “Set your standards high, so if you fall you will actually fall higher than your original miniscule dream.”

Check out Spotify, Itunes, and Youtube to find her music!

Also check out Ana’s photography site to see her work, or contact her for a photo shoot!

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Jacey McLaughlin, Features Editor

Jacey McLaughlin is a senior at Carroll and is on the swim team, in Fashion class, and this is her first time on the Carroll newspaper, where she would...


2 Responses to “’14 Grad Ana Pierson Dives into Music, Photography”

  1. Sarah Stegenga on February 7th, 2018 7:39 pm

    Great story, Jacey!

  2. Tug P on February 28th, 2018 8:03 am

    Thank-you, Jacey! Have no idea how you came up w/ the idea to interview Ana, however, it is written WELL and is an accurate representation of who she has been and is becoming.

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’14 Grad Ana Pierson Dives into Music, Photography