"I've been in show choir for two years. Last semester I did not have a study hall so it was definitely a little more difficult to balance show choir and school but finding free time during classes and the little bit I had after show choir practice definitely helped. Late nights and coffee are definitely my friend. We don't have show choir everyday after school (usually I go to work on free days) so I find little free time there to do school work. Show choir is basically like a part-time job so not entirely different from any other high school student. This semester I have a study hall since it's competition season and weekends are mostly dedicated to performing. Show choir is definitely a family. I'm convinced I'm with them more than I am my actual family! I love them all and we are all like siblings, but like siblings we fight. With all of the different and unique personalities it doesn't always mix well together, however we all make up eventually. I've met most of my closest friends in show choir and it's nice to be around the people I love every weekend. I've had so many great experiences in just the past year I have been in it and I've grown so much not only as a performer but a person too. The people in show choir have helped me overcome so much and have always been there for me. So yea we are definitely a family, a giant, supportive family of 100 people and I'm so grateful for all of them." -Junior Taylor Fisher

Show Choirs Feeling ‘Grimm,’ Flying High

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