The Boy Who Always Smiles

Gavin Watkins brightens school, community, family

February 6, 2019

Some days at Carroll seem bleak and boring, with people walking expressionless through the halls, dreading being at school. But Gavin seems to feel the opposite way and brightens everyone’s days by being here. He runs through the halls, saying hi to everyone he knows and even those he doesn’t. He walks through the halls with a smile on his face, one that brings joy to those around him.

Known for his involvement in Champions Together at Carroll, Gavin is showing everyone that little things can make a big difference. Just by walking through the halls, he shows everyone the power of positivity and a smile.

“I always tell people I think he was put on this earth to brighten people’s day” says his mom and attendance secretary, Kim Watkins.

On his birthday, Gavin Watkins played basketball against Wayne High School’s Champions Together team. Photo by N. Beckley

But Gavin has not always been so positive and outgoing, in fact he used to be shy and quiet, which is so far from the boy everyone sees at school. Gavin had said that he did not enjoy middle school as much as high school.

“He’s a little bit more energetic now than before, he really, really enjoys high school and all his friends here. He’s always been a happy kid though, very strong willed,” said Mrs. Watkins.

“I like high school a lot more than Carroll Middle,” said Gavin.

“He likes all of his friends; he likes Champions Together,” said Mrs. Watkins.

One of those friends is Morgan Hansen, a junior at Carroll. She and Gavin have grown close through their involvement in Champions Together.

“Gavin is one of the most influential people in my life…he never fails to put a smile to my face and has taught me countless life lessons,” said Morgan.

His smile and warm, energetic personality are what make everyone notice him and draw them towards him. His kindness is also something else that sets him apart from most people.

“In the [special needs] classroom, when it’s someone’s birthday, they get a chance to sit in front of the classroom while their classmates have an opportunity to say something kind to them. Gavin is always the first one to speak up and taught me the importance of loving others so well!” said Morgan.

“Because he’s so sweet and because he cares so much about people, I think he makes such a difference in this world, even with having a disability that he brings joy to people and doesn’t even try,” said Mrs. Watkins.

That’s the most important lesson that people can learn from Gavin: even with having a disability he finds a way to bring joy to the rest to everyone else. Even with having a disability, Gavin is just like everyone else.

Gavin said he really enjoys Champions Together, and that he likes playing each of the sports and playing with his friends that he met through the program. He also enjoys watching YouTube on his laptop, riding his bike, and hanging out with his cousins and friends.

“For Christmas I got a new laptop, so I can watch YouTube, a toilet paper gun, and a new bike because the other one got destroyed,” said Gavin.

Just by talking to Gavin, people can see the joy that just radiates off this boy. He goes through life with a constant smile on his face and is always eager to talk to anyone. By running through the halls with a smile on his face, he makes everyone’s day better.


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