Detective Pikachu, John Wick, Tarantino Films Highlight Summer Movie Season

May 17, 2019

Summer 2019 movie checklist

Summer may not officially start until June 21, but in the movie world the past years have shown the summer starts with Marvel’s big movie. This year Avenger’s Endgame kicks off the summer 2019 movie season with a massive bang.

It may seem like nothing can top the Avengers, and although that may be so, there are still plenty of movies coming out this summer that you should have on your list to check out. These are the top 10 movies you should keep an eye out for during the summer in order of their release.

  1. On May 10, the massive franchise known as Pokémon debuted its first official live action movie. Pokémon, Detective Pikachu stars Justice Smith and the voice of Ryan Reynolds as the loveable electric type Pokémon. The film promises laughs, action, mystery, and enough Pokémon to make any fan get excited.
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    Following that next week on May 16 is the third chapter in the action series that seemly came out of nowhere.The John Wick films have done what no one thought was possible–revitalize the action movie genre by giving the fans what they want; over the top action with hyper violence and a no-nonsense hero who shoots first and asks questions later.

  3. Up next is a film that has generated a lot of decisions both good and bad. On May 24 Disney gives us its next installment in it’s serious of trying to redo their classics. In the past we have gotten Cinderella, Jungle Book, and most recently this year’s Dumbo. Now Aladdin is getting the live action remake treatment. With the source of all the fan decision coming from the casting of the genie himself Will Smith. Can he bring something new to the Robin Williams beloved character, and will this film stand up to the original?
  4. As May concludes the summer movies start to heat up. Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters smashes its way into theaters on May 31. This is the sequel to the 2014 Godzilla reboot film, and in this installment, fans are promised more giant monsters and more destruction. Staring a few returning characters from the first film it also brings new characters like Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger things.
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    On the same weekend, if giant monsters destroying buildings aren’t your thing and you’re in the mood for something a bit more musical, then look no farther than Rocket Man. Rocket Man is the out of this world biopic of the legend Elton John. The movie tells the life of the musician from his beginnings as a child at home on his piano to one of the biggest music icons of the century.

  6. Staying in the out of this world vibe of movies, June 14 brings us “Men in Black: International” a sort of reboot of Men in Black. For those who aren’t familiar with the MIB, they are fancy government agents who hunt aliens. This movie drops the original cast of Will Smith and replaces him with Chris Hemsworth as the lead. With over the top gadgets and a new cast of characters, it’s sure to be interesting.
  7. One week after watching Thor in a fancy suit blast aliens, audiences can look forward to Disney once again aiming to make you cry. Toy Story 4 comes out on June 21, and not much is known about this film. All that is known right now is it is the continuation of our hero’s Buzz and Woody and new spork character get lost and need to find their way back to there owner. This series has been nothing but gold, so fingers crossed the next installment in Pixar’s flagship franchise is a success.
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    Surprise! Spider-Man is back in Spider-Man: Far from Home, and this time there are no avengers with him and not even his normal friendly neighborhood. As this film takes Spidey on a school field trip across Europe. But Spider-Man soon realizes that there are all new kinds of threats he needs to deal with on his trip. So, if you are a fan of the web head make sure to swing over to theaters on July 2.

  9. As July and the summer come to an end there is still a king that needs to be crowned and another Disney movie classic that gets remade. This time it’s “The Lion King.” The Disney classic that steals the hearts of many has been found to be debatable if Disney should even try to remake such a classic. But with the combination of some great looking animals in the movie and a stellar voice cast of actors, it just might be worth re-watching the classic story again on July 19.
  10. The last essential movie to check out is difficult to explain, because if Quentin Tarantino is making it that’s all that should be said. Tarantino is one of those special film makers, when his moves come out they’re always an event. There might not be a million explosions in his movies, but what he does have in spades are great characters with intoxicating dialogue. End your summer with checking out his next film about life in Hollywood during the real-life Manson murders in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” out in July 26.

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