What we missed

A look back on the past year of quarantines, lock downs and social distancing

March 13, 2021

Twelve months ago the nightmare of COVID-19 ruined the plans of 2020. Everyone grew used to the endless quarantine times, Covid-19 test, and mask-wearing in 2020. After tears, the long list of deaths, and the overwhelming amount of feelings.  Many things have been missed out on. Seniors are losing their graduation parties and proms.  No one is not missing out. Here’s what we missed:

  • Football games
      • At first, it felt weird not having anyone there it was very quiet, and in football, energy is a big part of the game. And without that, it took time to get used to,” said senior Cameron Allen-Hedgecock
  • Clubs
      • “It was definitely different we didn’t have a state or national Convention which was really sad because it’s a really fun way to meet new FFA members and we do a lot of activities that go along with that. The district contest was also canceled the night before it was supposed to take place. This was really hard on everyone because we practiced for our contest months before that night,” said senior Nora Rusher 
  • Show choir
      •  “We are required to wear masks for all rehearsals. at previews and competitions, we have had to ration tickets b
        ecause most places aren’t allowing more than two people per kid plus at our own parent preview we can only take one person. My mom and dad couldn’t watch me perform at the same time because only one can be there,” said junior Riley Bilger  
  • Exchange students

    As April came there was no prom insight many students last year carried out their own proms in the back yards and local parks. With a suit and hair done Kyle celebrated prom with exchange student Maria before she went back to Spain.
      • “It’s the culture that I most miss. You also get the opportunity to travel over to their country while they host you. I know I had the offer from Maria [Santamarina-Gonzalez](a past exchange student from Spain) at least that she
      •  would host me if went over there,” said senior Kyle Bartnick 
  • After school activities (like musicals)
      • “I miss it a lot because most of my friends I’ve made have come from there and since I’m 18, I’m coming up on my last few shows with the program. My times been cut 
      • way shorter than I thought I had left. I cried when our winter show got postponed until April,”  said Margaret O’Malley
  • Crowds at games
      • “Having games canceled last second is sad, and it brings the energy down when we have practice that day instead. I’m glad we are taking precautions, but having a limited crowd and games always being canceled brings a team down. We still fight and play hard, but it’s just not the same energy. We have to make up for it by having our own energy and creating our own noise on the bench,” said junior Tori Straley 
  • Community/ Social Interaction
      • “I think the one thing I miss most is the community and social interaction that I had with others. COVID has really put a damper on positive social interaction, and especially in the beginning, my mental health struggled because of it. I really do miss school events and good social interaction purely because I can’t survive happily without it,” said senior Rebecca Roger 
  • Band

    After many tears and endless hard work, winning 3rd placing was worth it all for Shelby. Drumline can be rough. It can be filled with sore arms and tired eyes. Shelby has been in band for her four years of high school, giving up many hours after school and many days during the summer. Every hour was worth the hard work shown by her smile as Shelby bits down on her metal with follow band members..
      • “As a band member and as a senior, the lack of competition really took a toll on the motivation. It still hurt not being able to have the last season that I had looked forward to for so long. and on top of this, the rest of the school year had changed because of COVID and the lack of being able to be with friends outside of band rehearsal also took a toll,” said senior Shelby Steel 
  • Culinary 
      • “We couldn’t get a full hands-on experience. We always had to be separated into groups it was difficult working with a mask breathing was just off since it gets really hot in there. Also, it just doesn’t feel 100% as it should,” said senior Angelo Petrov
  • Senior year promises
      • “It was quite disappointing having events like clubs, dances, and sports competitions taken away my final year of high school. They were really what made school tolerable most of the time. I started having panic attacks more frequently and had a hard time finding motivation for school,” said senior Maddie Conner

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