Neon Nation showing their spirit at a home game.
Neon Nation showing their spirit at a home game.

Class of 2022- Life beyond Carroll

March 23, 2022

For the last nine weeks, The Charger Online will be featuring the future plans of the class of 2022! Check back weekly for new updates and see where your peers are going next! Congrats to all 2022 grads!

April 21, 2022


Heather decided on Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana to continue her education. She will be studying psychology through the Honors college!

“I’ve heard only positive things about the college, and a lot of people who I respect go there. I feel like it is a really good opportunity for me, especially being in the honors college.” – Heather Wolfe


Keegan travels to West Lafayette for his college journey. He will be studying accounting on the Purdue University campus.

“The superior school in Indiana.” – Keegan Rhoad


Emma move all the way to New York, NY to study at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She will study criminal justice and cybersecurity as well as play for their soccer team!

“I’m playing soccer there!” – Emma Fisher


Avery travel all the way to Douglas Education Center in Pennsylvania. More specifically, Tom Savinis Special Makeup Effects. Her incredible makeup talent led her there.

“I have always admired makeup in different forms and I never thought that I would be able to do it as a career choice my style. This program only takes 60 people at a time so I am honored to be chosen and to follow this path to makeup in movies and theatre.” – Avery Ferrell


Hunter has decided to study sports management at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana. He will also be playing golf at the NAIA level there!

“They have one of the best golf programs in the nation at the NAIA level and I am going to play golf there.” – Hunter Melton


Alex will be traveling to Bloomington to become a Hoosier! He will be studying real estate through the Kelley School of Business.

“Good business school, big and pretty campus.” – Alex Green


Grace has decided to “Boiler Up” and go to Purdue for her college endeavors. She will be majoring in computer science!

“I chose computer science because I’m good at it and it makes a lot of money.” – Grace Holle


Landon is staying fairly close to home, attending Trine University in the fall. He will be studying business while attending!

“Good business classes, free college for me there :).” – Landon Bowersock


Sterling will be studying music production at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana!

“I was drawn to Indiana state due to the campus architecture, decent dorms and a really strong music production program” – Sterling Pfeiffer


Ally will be studying nursing while attending college in the sunshine state! She will be attending Florida Southern College in the fall.

“I found out about this college through my brother that goes there! They have a ranked nursing program and it went above and beyond when meeting my wants and needs. It’s also a bonus that I will get to live in the sunshine state” – Ally Michaels


Gwyn will be traveling to our neighbor state Ohio to study at Bowling Green State University. She will be studying elementary education.

“Campus was pretty and good school” – Gwyn Sunderlin


Logan will be studying geophysics at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

“My family has a long history of attending Purdue, so it has been my life long dream to attend Purdue to continue the legacy.” – Logan Reifeis


Zoe will be staying local and attending Purdue University Fort Wayne. She will be studying both psychology and pre-med.



Izzy will be studying pre-med at Indiana University Bloomington in the fall!

“I chose IU because my dad attended that college and I wanted to be close to home but still far enough away. I was drawn to the campus because of its size and beautiful architecture.” – Izzy Rousel


Gabi will become a Hoosier in the fall, studying psychology at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

“The campus is beautiful and the scholarships were good.” – Gabi Hanna

March 28, 2022


Neda will be attending Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana to continue her education. She will be majoring in chemistry and is ready to move on to her next adventure.

“The academics really drew me to Purdue. The campus is ugly but the academics are great.” – Neda Rahimi


Ali has decided on Huntington University to be her next adventure. Located in Huntington, Indiana, she will stay close to home – but not too close. Ali will be studying film production and TV production as well as minoring in marketing.

“All around I fell in love with the tight knit community of Huntington, especially within their film program and being able to see and feel the passion that all the students had for creating videos.” – Ali Butts


Like many at Carroll, Tori will be attending IU Bloomington to continue her education. She will major in early childhood education, following in the path of her internship!

“I love Bloomington, it’s so pretty. I chose to major in ECE because the K-3 age group is such an influential time to learn, and I love watching the age group grow intellectually.” – Tori Noble


Maddie will be continuing her education at Ball State University in Muncie (Funcie), Indiana. She was accepted in September and confirmed her enrollment shortly after. Maddie will be dual-majoring in Journalism and History.

“I loved the atmosphere of campus and there is just so much opportunity there. With all of the class and social options it felt like the best place to further my education and life.” – Maddie Bracken


Paul will be heading to Bloomington, Indiana to attend Indiana University! He will be majoring in nursing with a specialization in oncology.



Vivian makes her way to East Lansing, Michigan to study at Michigan State University. Her plan there is to major in nursing!

“I have always wanted to go to Michigan for college, and now have finally gotten the opportunity to. I chose to study nursing so that I could later travel and work by becoming a travel nurse.” – Vivian Diller.


Nolan takes his education to Ohio, attending the University of Cincinnati in the fall! He has landed on journalism as his major.

“They have a super good co-op program so I can get hands on, paid experience, and journalism can really lead to any field I want to specialize in.” – Nolan Shaw


Megan adventures to Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana as she takes her next step in her education. While there, she has chosen to major in psychology!

“I chose IU because that’s where I saw my brothers go, and I just thought it was beautiful and the best place for me to continue my education.” – Megan Wendt


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