Senioritis: A Devastating Plague

Aleena Daenens, Co-Editor in Chief

Are you a suffering from a lack of motivation, time, and social life? Juggling jobs, friends, family, school, -and even social media? Finally, do you happen to be a senior?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then I have the diagnosis. Senioritis.

This is one disease no one truly can understand until it hits.

So far, I have missed 11 days of school and I’ve used up all of my tardies (Shoutout to Mr. Lackland). I’m not failing out of school, but I’m not performing to my best ability either. A combination of 40 hours of school a week, 30 hours of work and maintaining the everlasting need to have a social life has definitely taken its toll on my overall performance.

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I’m a newly formed adult, a white “woman” who is trying to age well before needed, and I’m suffering from senioritis.”

— Aleena Daenens

I just got a job across the country working as a service desk associate in Grand Teton national park this summer as a service desk associate. What’s that? I will be helping put the fun in people’s days by suggesting hikes and planning day trips.

So now, not only am I consumed by my packed daily schedule, but I also have the summer of a lifetime to look forward to. Who cares about school?

At this point, I have lost the motivation to excel in Carroll High School. However, I didn’t dedicate myself to three years of working my butt off to get an academic honors diploma just to drop out. Even though I may have a more severe case of senioritis, each day is a day closer to graduation.

I’m planning on forming a support group, Senioritis Anonymous, to help those suffering with this disease get the understanding they need.

If interested, Gmail me.