Fall sport teams take over Instagram


Beginning on August 24 and lasting until October 4, fall athletic teams will showcase their competition days to the Carroll Athletics Instagram page. Athletic Director Mr. Dan Ginder revealed the inspiration for this idea and what the ultimate goal for it is.

“We all know that the local media…covers a couple sports really well throughout the year, and to be realistic about it, we’re probably never going to change that,” said Mr. Ginder, “some of the other sports don’t get as much publicity and celebration, so I thought this was a good way to give it to those teams…”

Mr. Ginder revealed that his daughter had seen colleges do something similar with their teams and had mentioned that he do it during the 2019-2020 school year. That being said, the Instagram takeover will continue throughout the school year and the spring and winter sports will also have a chance to showcase what they do on competition day.

“I think it will show people more about our sport on undoubtedly the most fun day of our week: race day,” said senior Mallory Clements. “It will show how challenging the sport can get but also all of the hard work is worth it come race time.”

Mallory will be representing the girls cross country team on their takeover date, September 21. Mallory also went on to say that she believes it will be a chance to show the rest of the school what her sport is also about, but also the fun the athletes have. Mr. Ginder revealed that that was the ultimate goal of the Instagram takeover: to have fun with it.

“It’s my hope that it can grow and some of that freedom of joy and excitement among a team can just grow more and more. It’s just a way to get creative with it and…for kids to just have fun” said Mr. Ginder.

Be sure to follow @carroll_athetics on Instagram for more updates about the takeovers and to witness them for yourself.