New SRO, stricter traffic regulations


Kayleigh Lambert

Bus safety is a primary concern for the new traffic regulations around the district. Photo by Kayleigh Lambert.

Stricter Traffic Regulations

Most students have been delayed by an accident after school. Some of the causes are exceeding the speed limit, not paying attention, and inexperienced driving.

“Nobody can drive. The students can’t drive, the parents can’t drive, even the bus drivers can’t drive,” said school resource officer Kristen Lewis.

Lewis has been an officer for 11 years, four of them at the high school.

“I have seen at least 300 accidents, majority of them being teen drivers and young adults,” said Lewis.

The school has enforced new rules in the student parking lot. Some of those rules include driving the speed limit, which has been neglected in the past, and having at least one officer outside to direct traffic.

Officer Lewis and the new SRO Adam Rogers are outside monitoring the speed of people driving by, including student drivers, making sure the rule is followed. They also direct traffic in the morning and after school, making sure the traffic flows as smoothly as possible and making sure accidents are minimized.

Both Officers Lewis and Officer Rogers hope the added enforcement encourages students to drive safer in the school zone and surrounding community.


Story by Kayleigh Lambert