Delicate balance sought between homework, learning



Homework is necessary and helpful, according to Science teacher Mrs. Kristy Ewing.

As students grow, they start to become more busy. As work and sports start to take place, homework motivation seems to decrease, causing grades to slack, With so much on their plates, students find homework assignments stressful and overrated, losing focus in the point of homework at all.  

“It takes me about two to three hours every night to do my homework, sometimes longer on the weekends,” said junior Alexandria Pentsos.

Everyday after school Alexandria picks up her sister from school and heads home gets dressed for work. She then goes to work, coming home late to complete homework and go to bed. 

“Having something to do after school makes it hard to do things, because you never feel as if you have enough time. I often have to stay up late to finish my homework,” said Alexandria . 

Pentsos states she hates staying up so late do her homework and wishes it would take so long. 

Mrs. Kristy Ewing, Intro to Chemistry and Physics teacher, designs homework for her students that is both easy and does not take up to much time. 

 “I give my students plenty of time to do their work in class, so they don’t have to have homework.” said Mrs. Ewing

Mrs. Ewing knows students do not enjoy the homework they have, but knows the practice will be worth it.

“The practice is necessary and beneficial, as long as students use their time wisely in class, it won’t take long to complete. Even if they did not complete during class, no assignment should take less than 30 minutes to complete.” said Mrs. Ewing. 

Unlike Mrs. Ewing, Mr. Lionel Zhao, Chemistry teacher, gives out homework but only for practice. 

“I believe having homework as a practice is a good thing, but I do not check it.” said Mr. Zhao. 

Mr. Lionel Zhao assigns homework in his science class and students can check their own work. He also helps out students before and after school. Photo by Alexis Harmon

Mr. Zhao assigns homework for students, but puts the responsibility on the students to complete it. 

“I have a binder in the back of the room for students to check the answers for the assignments, but I don’t check them. If a student is having a problem with understanding a topic I recommend them come to me and I will help them.” said Mr. Zhao.  

When a student’s miss days at school and starts to fall behind,  both teachers are eager to help. 

“If a student misses a day of school, I have a page on canvas that shows what we did that day to help show what they missed and need to catch up on, If a student misses several days, I will try to contact the parents and make sure everything is okay and see what we can do to get the student back on track,” said Mrs. Ewing. 

Mr. Zhao will do his best to explain what the student missed, but if a student were to miss several days he would suggest videos for them to watch and offer his assistance if they still are struggling. 

“At the end of the day, grades are not given, grades are earned,” said Mr.Zhao.