Challenging the face of feminism

The face of feminism is portrayed as women who have to be participants in every rally and every protest. This stereotypical woman with a pitchfork and loud voice is now what we portray as the entire feminist movement. 

The face of feminism empowers females, no matter their skin tone, religious belief, or sexuality, to make a change within society.

This stereotype of feminism doesn’t stand for female equality. 

Instead of thinking of equality, women are now instructed to think of superiority. Now the word feminist is corrupted with the idea of being better. 

The core ideal of feminism came from women who wanted equality. There’s no standard for that. There’s no role or way we as women should act to prove our worthiness.

 Feminism should be understood. There shouldn’t be confused about what feminism stands for or what it is or how women can show it.

There is no set way to be a feminist. A feminist at its core value stands for the equality of men and women. 

This can be shown by an activist who is a big participant in the protest, a single mom just trying to get by, a high school student that wants to make their ideas known, or even a woman who works a job and participates in elections by voting.

Having a certain stereotype or a certain face to represent the entire movement of feminism waters down the message. 

Feminism is supposed to be uniting, not exclusive to only a certain group of people. The word feminist shouldn’t be an exact prototype of what a woman should be. It should be more of a blanket statement or a vague description. 

There shouldn’t be so much weight behind the word “feminist” or a face we pair with the stereotype of what a feminist should be.

A feminist doesn’t have to have pitchforks and attend every protest to demand and fight for equality. Fighting for feminism can look as easy as voting and being in a public school with both genders attending.

Just showing up to work, school, and the voting booth are what feminists have been trying to fight for the duration of our functioning nation.

It would be an amazing accomplishment for early feminists to see how much we have improved by allowing girls to go to public schools, get an equal education, vote and be protected under law. 

These are the foundations of feminism. This is what feminism stands for and this is the only stereotype that should ever be associated with feminism.

Let the entire feminist movement be established by these core values and not stereotypes that’s now become a hindrance to the overall thought and message.

There is no face to feminism. There is no woman that fully represents the movement in its entirety. Yes, there are core values that should represent the movement, but feminism is endless in the way it looks. 

There’s no certain way for it to be portrayed and feminism shouldn’t be just knocked down because of the stereotypes. 

Feminism has endless faces. Feminism is a large movement in which all people can participate because it is the basic belief that women are not only equal to men but that every human being can be equal to each other.