Senior advises next year’s class


Dear Class of 2021,

Wow, your junior year is actually coming to an end. It is the beginning of your senior year. Do not stress at all! I am here to give you advice, not only from me but fellow seniors as well. 

There is not much I regret not doing senior year but there are a few things that I wish I would have done.

It is gonna be your final year, do everything you possibly can, please.

Here are some things that I wished I had done…

  • Dress up during spirit week
  • Go to all the Friday night football games
  • Take fun classes such as animal science
  • Go all out wear crazy outfits, experiment!
  • Make sure you know what you would like to do and what college you want to apply to
  • Hang out with people! You may not see them after high school
  • Work hard and focus on school work

These may be dumb but I think they are true and helpful from a fun stand point of view. I wish I had done these things, now given I still have five months but after Christmas break, school goes fast.

Although senior Tori Blough would have spent more times with her friends and going to football games, she has one particular activity she would have liked to do more of. 

“I wish I would have joined a school club and got more involved,” she said.

I know how she feels and as a former junior I feel the way you probably feel now. Senior year is not as bad as you think it is.

Honestly if you take Economics and Government over the summer your senior year should not be bad at all.

Getting those two classes out of the way is a huge advantage you will have senior year.

Now I cannot say that I was able to do that because I was unable to take them during the summer because of vacations and now I am paying for it by taking them this year.

Save yourself and take them in the summer, it will be a million times easier and you will not need to stress about passing the class.

This also gives you room to do internships and take a less stressful class or two.

I recommend Animal Science for senior year because it is a fun relaxing class and is one less class you need to worry about failing because Ms. Cindy Raker makes it fun while learning.

Internships your senior year is also a great thing that is offered for those especially going into the medical field. 

Knowing what you want to do with your future at this time in your high school career is going to help you so much. 

I was not so sure what I wanted to be until two months ago, when I had a meeting with the nursing director at Ivy Tech, and that was a huge step.

Senior year is not out to get you but to prepare you. 

Do not stress, this is the one year of your whole 13 years of education that goes by in a blink of an eye.

I am not saying that to sound light hearted, because it truly does go that fast.

Go into your final year with your head up and hopes high and you will have one of the best years of your life.