School subjects generate ill will towards classes

There are sheets around Carroll that are for math help. Some math teachers are either available before or after school to help students solve or answer questions they might have regarding the lessons they are learning.

It’s not enjoyable to think of spending nearly an hour and a half in a class students find absolutely grueling and in most cases, boring. The classes students seem to have such a deep hatred for seem to be Algebra, English, science, etc.

Teachers are the most important role in each class and concerning the views of students, they either like or dislike their teachers depending on how they teach and what they do to make the class enjoyable for the students.

“I feel like my teacher could try to make the class more fun,” said Junior Lorelei Colby.

To like the class, the teacher has to make the lessons fun. However, it’s not fun if students feel confused and struggle.

Another issue concerning the teaching style is how well the teacher explains a lesson.

“A 12-minute rant about something comes up that isn’t even related to the topic [does not help],” said junior Taylor Shaw.

Although talking about life outside school can be enjoyable to the class, incorporating those kinds of discussions in lessons can leave students confused about what the topic was even about in the first place.

Teachers are not the only aspect that makes learning less enjoyable for students. The lesson may be squeezed in because of a schedule the teachers are on.

“My class has to speed through learning things and that makes pulling everything together very hard,” said Junior Nyle Hamman said.

Because of the deadlines, students might have to ask other students or tutors to help because the next day or two could be a different lesson.

“I feel like if there was a list online or in the office with a few people to contact for help, that would be helpful,” said Nyle.

Although math teachers have helpful sessions before and after school, math is not the only thing that students struggle in.

There needs to be an easy-access list of people to contact that can help with all subjects. There is a hotline students can call with STEM questions: 877-ASK-ROSE. is a helpful homework hotline that can help with STEM subjects students are struggling on.

Struggling in the class or disliking how teachers explain lessons are not the only cases for why students hate the subject.

Sometimes, it’s not just a current class or teacher that students dislike. Sometimes, a certain subject just isn’t a particular student’s thing.

“I have always struggled in math,” said Lorelei. “And have hated it with such a passion for a long time.”