Students defy trends, define own styles


Gabriella Hall

Junior Delaney Fosnough poses for a picture in one of her everyday outfits. Photo by Abby Ayres

Junior Delaney Fosnaugh’s fashion combines Miss Frizzle with an elementary art teacher. Next, sprinkle in a modern sensibility and immediately the 5’4″ redhead comes into focus.

To create her look, which Delaney describes as “colorful and retro,” she shops at Goodwill, Salvation Army and other secondhand clothing stores.

“Buying new styles as soon as the fad passes gets expensive and is wasteful,” Delaney said.  “If you can wear the same piece for years without it falling out of your style, it can save you big bucks and make less waste from your wardrobe.” 

Many students, like Delaney, find ways to express themselves through their clothing. In our school, you can’t walk down the hallway without seeing a million different styles and brands, some unique and some popular with everyone. A few big brands around our school and community are Champion, Nike, and Adidas. All these brands have men and women’s apparel and their own shoe line. An average hoodie from these brands can range from $30 to $100.

There are many popular brands today. However, you don’t need to spend a ton of money to look good and embrace your style.

“Thrifting! I don’t necessarily pay attention to brands, but more quality of the pieces,” Delaney said.

While Delaney’s fashion sense leads her away from going with the crowd, freshman Ariana Place finds cozy comfort in Champion hoodies and leggings.

“I don’t really dress to impress. I dress more comfortable and more for myself. There are days where I know something is going on, so I dress up nice but I’m more of a plain easy outfit kind of person usually,” said Ariana.

Staying with the trends isn’t always easy, sometimes your mood affects how you dress.

“I express myself a lot through my clothes just by dressing how I feel, like if I’m happy in the morning I will dress nicer but if I’m in a bad mood then I will dress more comfy,” said Austin Reimund. His go-to is Champion or Nike sweatshirts.

Whether you stick to the trends or create your own, style is something that each student can make unique and their own.

“My style represents my freedom to be individual,” Delaney said. “To me, it shows others that I won’t simply dress to be trendy or blend in with everyone else.”