The power of pronouns

Common Ground International

Common Ground International

Pronouns identify people as boy or girl. We’ve been taught there is a her or him and people are born one or the other. However, recently the connotation of pronouns has changed.

Using the right pronouns costs nothing and is still worth so much. The use of pronouns changes the world for a person who wants to be addressed with a specific pronoun. It can make a person feel normal in their skin. 

A pronoun can make a person feel safe in their experiment and their skin. This safety can help the person feel worth something. Helping someone by using their preferred pronouns is the least you can do to make someone feel respected. 

By using someone’s proper pronouns, you respect their existence. By not doing such, it’s as if you’re invalidating the right to exist or to express themselves and be happy.

Adjusting to someone’s pronouns is the least you could do and it costs nothing other than decency. It’s no easy task, but it should be considered and achieved.

Disrespecting someone’s pronouns on purpose or because you’re too naive to change to someone’s request is just showing how much you disrespect that individual and don’t even consider their happiness.

Using pronouns is a part of empathy that brings so much joy to an individual when you respect them enough to use the right pronouns. Using her, him or they shouldn’t be debated or dismissed. You don’t have to understand it, just respect it. ”

— Julia Hess

The power within those words can change someone’s acceptance with themselves and the world they live in. It makes life so much easier and more fulfilling for a person who has requested to be pronounced with a certain pronoun.

It shouldn’t be rocket science, it should just be common courtesy.

It shouldn’t be something that is taken for granted.

The right pronouns have so much power and acceptance when used that it justifies the small inconvenience it brings for someone adjusting to someone’s identity.

The right pronouns grants safety not only physically, but mentally.

Physically, using the correct pronouns makes a person feel accepted in the space and gives someone the freedom to be their true self. Mentally, it justifies a person’s odyssey from a false identity to their true self.

The simple fact is it helps someone express themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin should be enough.

The safety and acceptance within those words should be enough. It should all be enough to conform to someone’s request and treat them like a fellow human being.

Using the right pronouns is enough to change someone’s life so it should be enough for you to conform to that person’s request and it should be enough to help except someone and make them feel comfortable.

It comes down to this: Respect your fellow person and do what you can to make people feel comfortable.

It could save their life.