State legislature takes on driving while cell phoning

It is illegal to text while operating a motor vehicle however, a new corresponding law is being taken into consideration by the House and Senate.

The Indiana General Assembly said, “the House Bill 1070 (Hands-Free Law) prohibits the hand-held use a telecommunication device while driving unless it is used to call 911 for a genuine emergency.”

Although the Senate and the House both support the hands-free law, the law is not official until the Governor of Indiana, Eric Holcomb approves it.

“If crashes are the result of cell phone distractions, the state will take charge of the issue,” said Officer Kris Lewis.

The issue of being distracted in the car has been given attention to—banning the use of texting while operating a vehicle—and if the Hands-Free Law is to take effect, the issue will further be drawn into attention which in turn is put into place to help reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents.

“When you are behind the wheel, there are more details to pay attention to. You can’t depend on the passengers to watch for you,” said Officer Lewis. “Trusting another one’s judgement as the person in the drivers seat is distracted by their phones increases the risk of crashing.”

Checking your phone without passengers is dangerous as it is, but depending on passengers to check for you is just as dangerous. Students agree that they check their phone while behind the driver’s seat.

“I only check my phone when I am in very heavy traffic and it’s totally clear I won’t be moving any time soon,” said junior Isabella Guzman. “There are people who are guilty and check their phones if traffic is either stopped or moving at a slow rate.”

Unfortunately, there are also people who are guilty of checking their phone while driving on the interstate, highways, neighborhoods, streets, etc.

“Traveling at any given speed can cause serious injuries, even if you’re only going 12 mph, there are still possibilities of crashes resulting in injuries,” said Officer Lewis.

Cell Phone distractions are the causation of numerous accidents that either results in serious injuries or even death. To increase the safety of driving, the hands-free law would be put in place to help, rather than harm.

The Indiana General Assembly said, “After the House Bill 1070 is approved, it would take effect on July 1 of 2020.”

There would be a time gap before the House Bill 1070 is signed into law, making it illegal to hold a telecommunication device while behind the wheel.

Senior Alyssa Wiersema said, “I honestly think people are still going to use their phone behind the wheel if the law passes, I personally don’t mind the law though.”

Compare holding your phone to speeding, people who drive are individually guilty of speeding as well as using/holding a phone while driving.

In addition to being guilty, people have experienced those typical “guilty” drivers cutting others off as they are distracted by their phones.

“I think the law prohibiting the hand held use of phones is necessary,” said Isabella.