Colts make strong future in 2020 draft

With the NFL draft ending on April 25, let’s go back and grade two teams on their draft prospects. The Indianapolis Colts coming off a 7-9 season and the Chicago Bears coming off an 8-8 season. With the prospects they selected could either be a bust or a star in the national football league. 

With the Indianapolis Colts having a below average record they added many stars to their team. The most famous are DeForest Buckner from the San Francisco 49ers, and adding a great quarterback in Phillip Rivers from the Los Angeles Chargers. 

With the Colts not having a first round selection, in the second round they selected wide receiver, Michael Pittman Jr. from USC. Then seven spots later they selected running back Johnathan Taylor from Wisconsin. 

I’m giving the Colts an A on selecting Michael Pittman, and Johnathan Taylor because these are the positions they needed to fill. After Marlon Mack the Colts don’t have a back-up running back and Jonathan Taylor can fill that role, and not to mention he could be a starter in the next few seasons. With Taylor leading FBS in rushing yards (2,194) and attempts (307) and finishing with 16 rushing touchdowns. The Colts got an amazing running back in Jonathan Taylor. With Pittman, the Colts have a wide receiver go down the field and go get the football. Looking back at his highlights he has great hands, and has amazing feet to get defenders off him. Don’t be surprised if you see him starting the first game this season. 

Going into the fourth round the Colts selected Jacob Eason, a quarterback from Washington. With this I give the Colts a C because they had other positions they needed to fill in before getting a back-up quarterback. Though with Jacob being a back-up to Philip Rivers, he can learn a lot from a veteran who’s been around the league for a while. When Philip Rivers retires, look to see Jacob making his NFL debut. 

With the Monsters of the Midway not having a great season or a bad season, they didn’t do so good this off season. With the Bears filling a need at quarterback with Nick Foles in a trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars. With the Bears only signing a few players such as tight-end Jimmy Graham, cornerback Artie Burns, and safety Jordan Lucas. But the worst part is the Bears losing many players on their defense. 

Though free agency wasn’t a big hit for the Bears, neither was the draft. With the Bears only holding seven picks and most of them are in the third and fifth round. But with the first pick for the Chicago Bears in the second round the Bears selected tight end Cole Kmet from Notre Dame. With this I’m giving the Bears a C+ because they needed other needs before taking a tight end. They need a wide receiver to play the opposite of Allen Robinson with Taylor Gabriel playing slot. But Cole Kmet brings a lot of energy to a team. He can spread the offense out and go across the middle of the field and take big hits against opposing defenses. 

With 7 picks later the Bears selected corner-back Jaylon Johnson from Utah. With his selection I give this pick a B- because he’s a good corner but they could have gotten a better one at pick 50. Not saying Johnson isn’t a good player but they could have gotten a better player at that spot. But the Bears are getting a very physical corner-back. Jaylon likes to play man and get the receiver off balance at the start. 

Looking back at the whole Bears draft I give them a C-. They didn’t select many players in the draft, and there is a lot of talent in this draft and they failed to get play-makers. They didn’t get anyone who’s going to be a day 1 starter. That’s why I chose a C- for the Bears. 

With the Indianapolis Colts selecting many great players, I give them a C+ in the draft. They did draft play-makers but they aren’t going to be a day 1 starter other than Michael Pittman Jr. They did have a lot of picks but they selected players who can play with the second team or practice squad and have to fight to see the big show.