Tennis team looks to serve up a ‘regional’ ace

The tennis team is always exceptional, but this year expectations are even higher. As the Chargers prepare for the season, the team thinks about what they want to accomplish this season. 

“I hope to win regionals,” said sophomore Griffin Martin, “and take [the season] one step at a time so we can get as far as possible.”

The Chargers fell to Homestead during regionals last year, so they hope to move past that mark this time around. They are currently ranked 8th in the state and doing very well, sporting a winning record.

They are also working well off the court, pushing each other to work harder and harder.

“Personally, I like how close we all are… the community is great,” Sophomore Ryan Bernard said. 

Even though the odds lie in the Charger’s favor, they do still have some challenges ahead of them. 

“Our toughest opponent will probably be Homestead,” Bernard said. “They have a pretty good tennis program, and we will have to fight to beat them.” 

Seeing these challenges, the Chargers must adapt, and consistently work on getting better.

The Chargers practice for their next match.

“[Our] players can still improve on their fitness,” said Tim Stoffel, the Chargers tennis coach. “Their ability to grind and do what it takes to win is our biggest strength.”

The Chargers have experience on their team, with five of the seven varsity players being seniors. With the experience that they have combined with their skill, they should go very far this season.