Student athletes share their secrets to maintain balance

Here’s the million dollar question for athletes, “How do I balance athletics with academics?” It’s a question people beat themselves up over constantly. 

There is so much to do, between practice, games, homework, and about 35 hours of school every week.

Not to account the potential stress either. There are tests, quizzes, drama, SAT’s, and it can make it hard to balance everything in your life sometimes. 

It’s not just middle school or high school either. College students struggle with balancing their academics with their athletics as well.

Luckily, some student athletes have come to the rescue to share how they balance their academics with their athletics.

Senior Casey Bane runs the defense for Carroll Lacrosse, but can play offense if he needs to.

Senior Casey Bane had some great insight on what he does to balance academics with athletics.

He said, “Right now I just try to get everything done in school. That helps a lot. But if not studying and getting work done as soon as I get done seems to work. Plus there is a strength and conditioning class so that’s helping on the athletic side during school, so that’s been a big difference maker as well.” 

Casey starts on the lacrosse team for Carroll High School and has a 3.8 GPA. While it is tough to balance academics and athletics, it is doable.

 To prove this point even more so, senior Boden Hite, a player on the varsity football team here at Carroll High School also shared how he maintains balance between academics and athletics.

Hite said, “I feel more motivated with sports and I finish all my homework in class since we have longer periods.” 

Bane and Hite aren’t the only ones who have to maintain balance in life. Everyone has to balance their responsibilities to keep themselves in check whether it is athletics, academics, friendships.

This balance is key and will help guide you to success.