Mrs. Cripe goes from student teacher to fulltime


Every year, the school receives at least a few first time teachers to add to the building. One of the additions the school acquired this year was Mrs. Cripe, an English 9 and English 10 teacher.

Her experience as a student teacher last year with Mr. Beckley and Mrs. Brubaker is what led her to choose Carroll to start her career, but also the warmness of the community.

“I had an amazing student teaching experience here last year, but I also really like that everyone here is very welcoming and treats everyone as a big family,” said Cripe. “There is a certain pride as NACS that is hard to find anywhere else.”

Although this is her first year teaching, she comes from a family of teachers and is so excited to join the Carroll community.

“Teaching has been my dream job and I can’t imagine doing anything else,” said Cripe.