Art classes inspire students


Display case in the school. Includes painting by Mattison Houser.

Mr. Kilmer has been teaching for a collective amount of 37 years. 25 of which he has been with NACS at Carroll High School. Kilmer teaches four art classes right now including painting one and two.

“I like the beginning classes because they come in with very little confidence, they may be filling a fine arts credit. Then halfway through the semester they realized they are better than they thought,” said Kilmer. 

Kilmer actually originally got his degree in graphic design but says he’s always loved art.

Kilmer’s students really like his classes and what art is able to do for them, especially senior Mattison Houser, who has taken Ceramics, Drawing and Intro to 3D Art.

“I took painting because I’ve always loved painting and I’ve always had a passion for painting,” said Houser.