Backpack freedom continues to benefit students


For the first time last year, students were permitted to carry their backpacks with them between classes to reduce covid-19 exposure times at lockers during passing periods.

This change was welcomed by students, and many were delighted to learn that students would continue to be allowed to carry their bags this school year even after the daily schedule returned back to normal from the block schedule.

“I really like being able to carry around the backpack this year,” said Senior Reya Patel.

One of the main benefits of this change is the ability for students to carry around the supplies they need for all their classes all the time.

“I’ve really enjoyed not having to go to my locker,” said Junior Angelina Marks. “I have everything for every class with me at all times which is very convenient.”

Another enjoyed benefit is the reduced stress from passing periods because of the extra time saved from not needed to go to a locker.

“I have more time in our short passing periods to do some quick studying or using the restroom rather than having to waste time rushing to my locker,” said Patel.

Many teachers have also been welcoming the change.

“I think it has made my students less forgetful than in the past,” said Science teacher Mrs. Jacquelyn Kelty. “They seem to usually have the stuff they need now instead of ‘I forgot it in my locker, can I run and grab it.’”

It also appears that students are doing a good job of keeping the bookbags out of the way which was an original concern of allowing backpacks in classes.

“I thought I would [not like it] initially, but they’ve actually helped my students come prepared to class,” said English teacher Mrs. Katie Kelly. “My kids have been great about keeping them out of the walkways.”

Another problem observed before was the pain from carrying around so much weight in arms instead of being able to distribute it like a bag would do.

“It is so nice not having to carry around all of that weight of my books in my arms,” said Patel. “Sophomore year it was a real pain.”

Not risking dropping things in the hallways, which was a common occurrence before, is an additional bonus to bookbags being utilized during the school day.

“I was carrying all my books, binders, laptop, pencil pouch, planner, and water bottle,” said Patel. “I would always end up dropping things, and I don’t have to worry about that now!”

Allowing backpacks to be carried around during school required trust from the administration that the students would not abuse the privilege, and so far, it seems to be a system that is working out well for students.

It also does not seem to be causing disruptions for teachers or the school in general, and has lead to fewer students needing to leave the classroom to retrieve forgotten supplies.

Students hope that this will be a privilege that they continue to be given for many school years to come.