Game club entertains students

A group of 4 students play Blokus during Game Club on Wednesday, September 8th

All the activity clubs were popular last Wednesday, but game club was the most popular one of them all. Over 200 kids showed up outside room 121, Spencer DeArmond being one of them. “I like playing games like Uno and card games like solitaire, so I thought this would be a really interesting club to check out,” Spencer said.

Most of the kids who showed up joined the club because they liked to play certain games, but a couple of other kids, such as Cole Foster, joined the club for other reasons. “I like communicating with people and my whole family is into board games,” Cole said.

Some people that joined the club had favorite board or card games, and nearly everyone had been playing games for years. Ian Martinez, a sophomore, was one of these people. “My favorite card game is Magic, The Gathering, my favorite board game would be Sorry, because it’s fun and simple. I’ve been playing [games] for a long time, as long as I can remember.”

In the club, kids play board and card games while eating snacks, usually games they’ve never played before. Mr. Wood runs the club and supplies around 20 games every year. “It’s really more about developing a small community, with good communication, and just having a good time,” Wood said.

For those already in game club who like certain games played during the club meetings, a game library is available for kids to borrow games to play at home. Mr. Wood runs it and teaches students games. “Usually [playing games] sparks the hobby in them and makes them want to go out and play and buy the games. That’s why I do the game library, so they don’t have to spend a lot of money to play the games.”

Game club takes place on the A rotation of activity clubs on Wednesdays, and costs $2 to get in. $40 of the entry money is spent on snacks such as popcorn and crackers. This club is already full, but there’s many other fun clubs with open spots available.