Student speaks on initiative

Bianca Foust, Junior

Bianca Foust, Junior

Where do you get the motivation to keep going?

The answer to this question will vary for everyone, but Carroll students may have more in common than they think when it comes to what is important to them and what allows them to continue trying both within and outside of school.

“What keeps me motivated is literally failure,” says junior Bianca Foust, “I’m scared to fail that all I can really do is try my best in everything I do, so that I don’t end up at one of my fears.”

The satisfying end result of trying so hard includes getting praised by a teacher or seeing good grades.

Additionally, finding a type of distraction through escapism helps many to get through everyday trials. 

For Foust, recreation comes in the form of playing different types of video games as well as watching certain shows or movies. “It’s an escape to calm me down from what’s happening in reality,” they said.