Pumpkin spice debated, is it naughty or nice?

What does the student body think of pumpkin spice?



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Pumpkin spice. The trademark of fall; the cinnamon and pumpkin goodness that you smell whenever you see fall colors and hear the crunch of leaves. That spice that reminds you of grandma’s pie and makes you think of cool weather and jeans.

It’s comforting and cozy, filled with memories about times with family in the pumpkin patch or gathered around the kitchen table. Everyone has those memories in some way, shape, or form, and everyone thinks of something when you smell that crisp aroma. 

But have big-time companies taken it too far? 

With fall directly around the corner and leaves beginning to change, Starbucks, Oreos, and many other companies are rolling out their versions of the special spice-flavored items and drinks. Pumpkin spice flavored Oreos, milkshakes, Pringles, lattes, burgers, gum, candy, SPAM, ramen, salsa, bologna, marshmallows, and hummus have all made the market. But are some of them really necessary?

According to a poll taken by 360 people at Carroll, 100 love pumpkin spice, and 166 don’t mind it. Those people who don’t mind it don’t really have anything against pumpkin spice and would be willing to try some of these weird or surprising pumpkin spice items that have come onto the market.

A majority of them enjoy the conventional pumpkin spice items such as lattes, pie, and the smell of those fragrant candles, which can change the atmosphere of an entire room.  

94 people, on the other hand, do not like pumpkin spice and are against trying the weird, wonderful, and wacky world of fall flavor. 

No hard feelings; pumpkin and cinnamon may not be everyone’s favorite flavor, and that’s ok. 

Fall is a universal season with everyone having memories and emotions attached to it. Pumpkins, leaves, yellow and orange, corn mazes, and cold breezes- it’s autumn to everyone, in one way or another.   

Now that September is in full swing and that the leaves are beginning to change to their specific colors of fall, pumpkin spice flavored everything has been introduced. 

Everyone can have their own opinion, but pumpkin spice will have you getting ready to “leaf” summer and leap into fall, whether you enjoy it or not.