Rusty’s ice cream displays fun décor


What do you get when you cross a dental hygienist, a magician, and an architect? You get Rusty’s ice cream.

If you’ve never heard of Rusty Ammerman, Angela Lanning, or Craig Armstrong, then find your way right down Lima Road to Rusty’s ice cream. This shop is all 80s themed and when talking to owner Angela Lanning. she shared her story.

The story behind Rusty’s ice cream? It’s a realistic one! Owner Angela Lanning started with big goals. 

She mentions how four years ago she looked at the current location. “We wanted to start an ice cream shop because there are not a lot of hard dip ice cream shops around here and we go to all of them and leave unsatisfied. We wanted to do it better,” said Lanning. “We looked at this spot and the one next door four years ago but we chicken out because it was scary.” 

She continues by telling about how they renovated their van into an ice cream truck.

When asked about long-term plans, she said, “Being successful enough to be open all year round without the worry of cost,” is her main goal.

“Maybe multiple locations, but franchising is scary!” She mentioned about expanding.

She also shared about what makes Rusty’s ice cream so different.

“The one thing that sets Rusty’s ice cream apart from its competition is the customer service and atmosphere. Many Carroll students love it so much they’ve applied,” said Lanning. 

Every time you walk into Rusty’s ice cream, the 80s ladies will be smiling and that’s a guarantee.

In regards to the atmosphere, this shop is decked out head to toe in 80s gear. This includes decorated tables, fun wall painting, a gizmo doll, a hidden waldo, a Beetlejuice pillar, and an all 80s black light bathroom.

“I want it to be like the Max from Saved by the bell. A place kids can come after school and do their homework to keep them out of trouble and help create memories,” said Lanning. 

“Fun, long-lasting, nostalgic memories is what people are supposed to take away from coming to Rusty’s,” said Lanning after being asked what she thought people should take away from their overall experience with Rusty’s ice cream.

So if you’re ever bored after school or need a late-night snack, you can find Rusty’s ice cream at 9171 Lima Road at the corner of Cremer and Lima!