Squishmallows storm the market


With this generation, trends seem to constantly come and go, but Squishmallows look like they’re here to stay. With over 800 different characters and designs, there are plenty for everyone to enjoy. 

Not only are they fun to have around for cute decoration, but they are shaping up to be the next big collector’s item. 

Some collect because they fall in love with the stuffed animal’s design, or for other personal reasons such as senior Kaylee Martinez.

“I don’t want to sell mine even though I’d get a great amount of money if I did. I want to keep them to consider a memory when I’m older,” said Martinez.

Others do it with the idea of selling them in the future when the prices rise. In fact, some prices have already risen quite high “I know I have a Squishmallow that’s selling on eBay for $350,” said Martinez. These prices are exactly what drive some collectors, and there are others that sell for much higher.

One of the reasons that Squishmallows are selling for so much is that some of them are extremely rare, including any holiday-themed Squishmallows, Carlos the crab, Buffy the vampire bat, Malcome the mushroom, and, the rarest, Jack the black cat.

Ellie Dart, a senior and an avid Squishmallow collector said that her reason behind collecting is, “My girlfriend got me into collecting. I never thought I’d get into it but now I can’t stop. It’s really about the adrenaline of getting good finds.”

Avid Squishmallow collectors usually stick to certain spots to seek out the next addition to their stash.

“Kroger, Wallgreens, and Hallmark all sell them. They have a list of sellers on their website,” Dart said.

Some even go as far as to sign up for notifications when there are new arrivals.

Although Squishmallows are just now peaking in popularity, they are in no way a new item. These plushies have been around since 2017. First being used as just cheap carnival toys, and is now being known everywhere.

With hundreds of people showing off their collections on Tik Tok and other social media platforms, the demand for more Squishmallows is only rising.

The company that produces Squishmallows regularly releases new designs a few times a year, especially with their holiday collections, which leaves collectors constantly excited to add new characters to their collections.

Senior Emma Smith says it’s never too late to start collecting, “I just started buying them once I saw they were in stores. I couldn’t resist how cute they are.”