Students explore photography


A photography class in session

Carroll has many unique and exciting classes to choose from, and with the new school year comes new opportunities. Many students like to challenge themselves by taking one of the electives from the vast list of choices.

One of those classes includes photography, which has many different levels based on the skills of the students. It is run by Mrs. Croy, and has the help of Mrs. Bauer who teaches photography one.

Most students who decide to start taking photography haven’t taken any classes quite like it, and most are getting used to the different style of class and adjusting their schedule to make room for more work time.

“It’s taking some time to get used to,” said Parker Smith, a first-year photography student. “Just with all of the switching back to back and the distance [from the freshman center] but overall, it’s going pretty good.”

 Although the class can take up a lot of time outside of school, many students still want to take the class because of it being something they have interest in. Zoe Colley, a junior, says she took the class because she thought having more artistic freedom would be fun.

She also discussed how her mother’s photography career has motivated her, “My mother is also a photographer. She doesn’t use her film camera anymore, but she does have some of her pictures on websites.”

Colley also talked about her experiences in the darkroom processing photograms saying, “Photograms were the first project we did but it’s fun being in the darkroom. I think I’m going to like this class a lot.”

Smith recommends the class to anyone who has an interest in photography or is curious about the processes, “Just go for it. You’ll never know what you like if you don’t give it a try.”