Facebook whistleblower brings in odd turn of events

Facebook whistleblower brings in odd turn of events

On October 3, 2021 former Facebook employee Frances Haugen revealed herself as the whistleblower, disclosing Facebook’s ulterior motives and sketchy algorithm.

In the interview, she revealed she had copied a multitude of documents from research studies to chat rooms with employees about the company, the algorithm and their actions in the spreading hate speech and misinformation. When presented, this seems to be sufficient evidence to do harm to the public image of the company.

This interview was earth-shattering, revealing the harm that Facebook and Instagram have caused to teen girls and countries. The interview is not where this oddity stops.

Monday October 4 about mid-day, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp became unusable. While the apps often have minor outages or issues, none have been this severe since 2008.

The outage began in the middle of Facebook Antigone Davis’ live CNBC defense of Facebook, refuting Frances Haugen’s claims. It’s stock is plummeting, it’s domain is inaccessible and many social media users are already finding ways to move on. The most popular of these ways being twitter.

A multitude of memes and posts have surfaced, talking about their movement to different apps. Here are a few of the best.

The apps were down for six hours, and even when searching the websites of the social media sites old-fashioned style on Google, an error message was received. Instagram displayed two messages, one stating “no internet connection” and the other “couldn’t refresh feed.”

After this outage, Facebook apologized, stating it was due to, “configuration changes on the backbone routers.” These “changes” were never specified. They assured that no user data was compromised.