Carroll alumni Mr. Lepper becomes teacher

Mr. Lepper in his classroom in the Freshman center

Mr. Lepper in his classroom in the Freshman center

Every year when school starts, there are many first time teachers who are making the start of their career at Carroll High School. This year the school gained a new Algebra I teacher in the Freshman center, Mr. Mitchel Lepper, who was a previous student.

The entrance into this position came after student teaching and subbing in the district.

“I was a student teacher at Carroll Middle School and a sub for both middle schools and the high school all of last semester,” said Lepper.

Having gone to school year and enjoying his experience, he knew that this was a community he wanted to continue to be a part of.

“I know the atmosphere and the community here and I truly believe this is one of, if not, the best place for students in Fort Wayne,” said Lepper. “Carroll goes above and beyond for our students both academically and in other areas like arts, athletics, and extracurriculars.”

He also wants students to know that he is interested in many of the same things as them and would love to talk about them, as well as talk about anything else students are interested in.

“I am a big fan of reading and playing video games,” said Lepper. “I love watching anime and Naruto is my favorite.”

He also included that he is a fan of football and is helping with the filming of the games this year.

“I am an open book and students are more than welcome to come and ask me whatever they want to know!” said Lepper.