Neon nation knocks out lights


Neon Nation showing their spirit at a home game.

With a cold and rainy pink out game to close out the regular football season, the Neon Nation prepares for a stadium rocking sectional game.

Facing Homestead to open sectional play after a bye-week, the players, and the student section are itching for another game against these rivals.

An announcement on the Neon Nation Instagram page announced a new theme that is different from past home games, which were all the trademark neon.

This weeks theme will be blackout, and the response on Instagram has already been incredible. Everyone is sharing the post and getting the word out. It is clear the excitement is high.

“To have another chance to beat our biggest rival at home is such a cool experience. Playing Homestead in general, regardless of the sport, is always an extremely high energy event. Adding on with our brand new stadium exponentially increases the energy. Being a senior and having beat Homestead once already in the stadium makes it an even bigger deal that we can do it again. Excitement has been growing since the sectional draw,” said senior Brooke Pocock.

The exponentially increasing excitement as we push toward Friday has only been furthered by a suspicion when it comes to student section themes.

“Rumor has is Homestead might be doing white out, so it would be super fun to be polar opposite of them to further the rivalry and energy,” said Pocock.

But this rivalry isn’t the only thing that makes Neon Nation so enjoyable.

“It’s been super refreshing to be back in the stands with little restrictions. The energy has been incredible and it’s been long awaited to be back. We’ve added some diversity to our themes which has made the opportunity for more creativity and our entertainment within the students. I definitely hope that it continues to carry over to other sports,” said Pocock.