Seniors plan end of school year, postgraduation


Kenley Garmen

Mya DeWitt signing with Indiana University for swimming.

Senior year is something that most everyone goes through at least once in their life. Senior year can be very stressful and there are lots of choices when thinking about what to do after graduation. 

You could choose to go to a trade school, enlist into any branch of the military, be hired right out of high school, or complete the traditional 4 to 6-year college programs. 

Seniors Mya DeWitt, Dylan Buhl, and Bradyn Schultz spoke a little bit more about options after high school and how the class of 2022 is feeling about this year coming to an end.

Mya DeWitt has decided to attend Indiana University Bloomington, and will major in exercise science, and would like to go to graduate school to study physical therapy. She is committed to swimming there next year. 

“I’ve been committed to IU since before my junior year so I’ve been ready to leave for a while. I’m very excited for this chapter to end and to start a new one,” said DeWitt.

However college isn’t for everyone, some people have plans of no plans. Those who might need a break year to get over the mental blocks of 12 years of straight schooling. Or maybe they just need to work.

Many students such as senior Dylan Buhl want to spend some time traveling before moving onto college or work.

“I’ve always wanted to give back the community because it’s done a lot for me, and I’m really excited to travel and I’ve wanted to see the world for a long time,” said Buhl.

He plans on joining the military, and after that Buhl plans on using his veteran status to earn a spot in the police academy and spend the rest of his life serving the county just as he had served the country. 

A military and law enforcement future is not for everyone. Bradyn Schultz is looking into a way to make music.

“If I do end up going to college I’ll probably end up doing audio engineering opening up a retail store for count your blessings merch,” said Schultz.

He, like most seniors, are slightly weary of moving on from high school with how big the great unknown is afterwards.

“It’s kinda scary when you think about it because after this it’s all gone, but I’m ready to work and make my own things and just grow with the world,” said Schultz.