Spider-man: No Way Home dominates box office



The December 17 release of this film was no way near the end for its profitability and popularity. In no time at all the film bumped itself into the number 10 spot for highest grossing film, setting its sights on Star Wars: The Last Jedi and The Avengers at spots eight and nine respectively.

The movie itself, as predicted, dives into the rather confusing idea of the multiverse. Peter… Tom Holland’s Peter that is, gets the universe into some trouble when he causes Doctor Strange’s spell to go awry. All of the previous villains from previous Spidermen then enter his universe instead of staying in theirs.

There were many parts of this movie that made audiences laugh, cry and hold their breath in anticipation. There were parallels, Easter eggs and groundbreaking events that shocked audiences across the globe.

Now here come the real spoilers. In my previous article I made a couple of predictions due to articles and trailer hints. Two of these came true in full glory, one was pretty close.

The first prediction was the multiverse. This, of course, was the main idea of the movie. The next being the inclusion of Tobey McGuire and Andrew Garfield. The two entered through portals much like the blipped heroes in Avengers: Endgame, making a grand entrance in the dining room of guy-in-the-chair Ned’s New York City home.

The one that kind of came true was the multiverse being left ripped open. While yes, it was ripped open, it was not left that way due to Peter’s valiant need to remedy the trouble he caused. He realized that the reason everyone was coming through into his universe was because they were looking for Peter Parker. If everyone forgot him, the problem would be solved.

In a heart-wrenching end, Tom Holland says goodbye to all those he loves, and tells Strange to cast the spell that would make everyone forget who he was. The movie ends with him starting over, a sequence that reduced many to tears, if they weren’t already crying.

The major stunners of the movie actually had to do with MJ and Aunt May. May, after helping Peter attempt to convert the burdened villains, gets trapped after Green Goblin goes off the rails. In the midst of the fighting, May is hit. For a minute, you believe she is going to be okay, then she says the line we are oh-so familiar with.

“With great power comes great responsibility,” said May.

Much like the Uncle Ben’s  before her, she passes away from her wounds shortly after. Peter holds her in denial as she passes. Many fans believed that since Uncle Ben was never in the MCU, they were safe from Peter’s parent figure dying. They were proved painfully wrong in this movie.

MJ’s moment comes during the final fight scene. Her and Ned come through a portal on accident due to Ned’s inability to close it. (Oh yeah, he’s magic now). In the fast paced fighting, she falls off of the scaffolding surrounding the Statue of Liberty. Holland and McGuire are pre-occupied and too far away, and it seems that no one will be there to save her. The audience is on the edge of their seats as she falls and Tom’s web struggles to reach her until she is in the arms of Andrew Garfield, unscathed.

This moment is a parallel to Gwen Stacy, whom Garfield was unable to save. As they take a moment to breath and ensure everyone is alright, the audience’s heart begins to break. Garfield’s character face changes as tears form in his eyes. Tears of lament for his love. Fans hearts ached for this parallel, and were happy to see a proper acknowledgement of what Andrew’s character must have been through after that traumatic moment.

This movie was a new timeline puzzle piece for Marvel as they release the movies in phase 4. The hero from Queens’ first appearance in this phase did not disappoint, and that is shown by the general shock and discussion of fans, as well as the numbers in the box office.