Bathroom closures frustrate freshmen


Bathrooms closed

 These words are nothing new to many students, and in fact, many have come to expect them. High school bathrooms tend to encounter many problems, and when they do it comes as no surprise to students.

“It’s closed pretty often,” said freshman Amr Alquran, “usually every day or so.”

This can be due to several reasons, such as student destruction and basic maintenance. However recently a bigger problem has arisen in the freshman center. 

“In the 38 years since the building was constructed, the sanitary line has sagged in several areas.” Said Chief Operating Officer John Miller, “sanitary lines are designed to transport wastewater downhill with a proper slope. When sags develop, the line holds wastewater and is prone to slow draining and backup.”

This causes the need for more maintenance and has led to several closings of the CFC bathrooms. This is obviously a big issue that has inconvenienced many students and staff alike.

“It annoys everyone,” said Alquran, “if you have to use the restroom, then you have to find another one.”

This annoyance has led many to look for a way around this issue of the closed bathrooms, but due to previous closings, some have ways to get around this. 

“Because they close it, and then you have to go to the office,” Said Sophomore Destiny Bennett, “ at least that’s what you had to do last year.”

This solution is far from perfect, and would not work at all if every student did it. For a more permanent solution, the school is still trying to find the scope of the problem with the help of an engineering firm. 

“They will use cameras to investigate the pipes underground and determine the best way to repair them,” Said Miller. “The repair will require digging up the floors in the affected areas, installing new stone base and sanitary pipe with proper drainage slope, pouring new concrete floors, and providing flooring finishes (carpet, tile, etc.)”

That work will clearly not work while school is in session, and so many wonders when they hope to finish this project. While there is no definite date for completing the current plan is to complete this project between school years. 

 “We hope to complete this work this summer,” said Miller.

While that date is reasonable to assume and prevents the project from interfering with schooling, it still leaves many wishing that it could be completed sooner. 

“It took long enough,” Said Alquran “Because, as is, it’s terrible.