E-learning: does it work?

Winter is upon us, and with it comes many snow cancellations. However, there has been debate about what to do with these cancellations. Recently the district has changed its policy to use E-learning, but how well does it work?  

“With the technological capacity the idea makes sense,” Said teacher David Brooks. 

This sentiment is shared by many who feel that with modern technology there is no reason not to, especially after the worth of the system has been tested by COVID-19. For this reason many believe that we should do remote as we would do for a shutdown.

“I think the simplest solution is instead of e-days we went remote,” said Brooks. “Like the students were expected to actually be there.”

However, some people criticize the current system and believe that the old cancellations would be the best for everybody. 

“School cancellations are enjoyable, and are a great chance to reset,” said freshman Gavin Leahy. “Not a lot of kids are getting great sleep, so this little amount of time could help them.”

Beyond just the relaxing aspect of a day off, many take issue with the value of what can be taught through E-learning, and how inconsistent different teachers are with assignments.

“Some classes are impossible to make e-learning for, and just don’t make sense,” said Leahy. “A lot of teachers won’t give a lot and a lot will give way too much”

While this may be an issue on the student’s side, teachers seem to be having little to no difficulty.

“From a teacher’s perspective it’s no problem getting that stuff done,” said Brooks.

From a teacher’s standpoint the main issue is students who don’t regularly do their work or students who cheat on digital assignments.

“The biggest problem is: are the students doing what they’re supposed to be doing,” said Brooks.

Despite these problems, the alternative is often seen as worse. This is because the original alternative is just postponing school until another day.

“When it first came up I was a bit annoyed,” Said Leahy, “ but then I remembered the days where I had to sit through school sessions when it wasn’t originally set, but because of snow days we had to be there.”

In general, while E-learning does have its cons many see it as the way of the future for things such as weather cancellations, and at the very least the district will use it for a good while longer. 

“It’s not a long-term fix,” said Brooks. “But short term, it works as long as everyone’s doing what they’re supposed to be doing.”