Health posters take over CFC


Health poster hanging in the CFC featuring a character from the game Among us

The CFC walls have been covered in posters with icons stretching from Lebron James to characters from the hit game Among Us. These posters are from the students in nutrition and wellness, and aim to teach about the different vitamins. Hundreds of students pass them by every day, and many wonder what their purpose is. 

“The whole concept is to make that physical connection.” Said Denise Mohr, a nutrition and wellness teacher, “ So when we talk about vitamin A, and that it comes from carrots and peppers but it improves our vision. The idea is when they draw this body that they write vitamin A by the eyes.”

It not only helps teach the kids, but it tries to teach them in a more unique and engaging way. Giving them a break from the more traditional teaching methods such as note-taking or PowerPoints.

“We wanted to try to find a fun way to get students involved and to really learn about the function of nutrients and why we need certain nutrients.” Said Mohr, “And any time that we can shut the computers and get kids up and moving out of their seats. I think it’s a great thing. 

This variety is not only loved by the teacher, but also by many students who see the project as a break from other less interesting projects and assignments.

“Yeah,  if it was just a basic presentation I’d probably just be like, ‘Okay I can just get it done the day before.’” Said Freshman Sergio Trevino, “But this…I actually wanted to put heart into it.”

This shows how it can work as a creative outlet for many students that might not normally be able to use their creativity in a more traditional learning environment. 

“I think it’s really neat that some students that normally wouldn’t take a lead on an activity, get a chance to shine,” Said Mohr, “And that’s pretty cool.”

This creative outlet comes in many different forms for different students, as shown by the wide variety of characters on the posters. 

“We thought this was a great way to not only allow kids to be creative and have a little bit of fun and pull in pop culture and things that they love,” said Mohr. “[like]Spongebob and all kinds of characters.”

Other examples include CHS students, other cartoon characters, celebrities, and even more. The motivation for this creativity often comes from the knowledge that the rest of the school will see it. 

“It drives me to make something more creative because the rest of the school gets to see it,” said Trevino.

At the end of the day though, the goal of this was to educate the students in a creative and fun manner, and according to people who have taken the class it did just that.

“It is a very good class,” said Trevino, “ It definitely taught me about the nutrients.”