School store opens for the first time in years


An array of items available for purchase at the Charger Corner school store. Photo by Hanna Fox.

After three years of COVID and countless troubles, the Charger Corner store is preparing to reopen. In previous years, the Charger Corner store has sold various goods, such as school supplies and snacks. This year, the Entrepreneurship and New Ventures class is opening the store in order to discover all the behind-the-scenes action that occurs when running a business.

The Entrepreneurship and New Ventures class is a class for upper classmen who have taken business classes before, as the class takes a step further into what it’s like to run a business and how to keep it successful and profitable.

Entrepreneurship and New Ventures teacher Meikka Bilos explains that the store’s profits go back into the school and certain services that the store provides.

“There is a very small profit margin, which is used to repay merchandise purchased, buy additional supplies and maintain equipment, such as the cappuccino machine,” said Bilos.

Late last year, senior Sarah Rauch along with the Entrepreneurship and New Ventures class had some trials and tribulations on what would be included in the store. A google form was sent to the entire student body, asking what the store could provide.

“We actually have been trying to ask the student body what they would like to see in the store,” Rauch said. “I’ve heard people wanting energy drinks but we aren’t too sure about that.”

The students in the class have been figuring out all the details of what would come with the opening of a store within the school over the past few months.

“We were even thinking about students who sell their own things as maybe sell the stuff they make in the store as well,” Rauch said.

This could provide a special opportunity for young entrepreneurs to get their small business out there, at the very least to the student body.

Senior Lilia Bowden is also in the Entrepreneurship class, and had similar issues with deciding what to include in the store.

“With the school there are a few restrictions, mostly that we can’t be competing with the cafeteria,” Bowden said.

The store is now open on Wednesday mornings before school and is located in the commons to the left of the grand staircase.