A Race to The Clubs! (Tech Edition)


Club sign-ups were done very differently this year, focusing on removing the burden to run to a club at the beginning of the year by turning to an all-digital sign-up system. Of course, this came with the issue of not getting to sign up for their clubs because of slow internet, being unable to find the right document to access the sign-ups, etc. In past years, freshmen have had trouble getting into a club that meets in the 10-12 building.


Ryan Abbott, Assistant Principal and Assistant Athletic Director, was one of the many staff members involved in making the digital sign-up system. 

Mr. Abbott felt club sign-ups went unsatisfactory.

“The signups went okay, but they could have been better,” said Mr. Abbott. “Next semester, we will definitely have the club sign-ups ready to send to students beforehand.” Mr. Abbott acknowledged there were some technical issues in this year’s club sign-ups.

Mr. Abbott feels this new sign-up method will solve a lot of issues with the prior paper sign-ups.

“With the new digital sign-ups, we can assure everyone gets an equal chance to get to sign up for a club,” said Mr. Abbott.

However, some problems emerged from switching to an all-digital-based sign-up system.

“Obviously, there will be students who might be having technical difficulties during the sign-up phase,” said Mr. Abbott. “Everyone has tech issues from time to time, and we can’t postpone sign-ups for everyone.”


Ruby Bechtol is a freshman student who will be an active member of 3 clubs.

Ruby claims he is loving the clubs he’s been a part of and thinks this year he will love all the clubs he is a part of.

“I wanted to sign up for Dungeons and Dragons club because I love the game, E-sports because I like to play video games, and airsoft because I like to play with airsoft guns with my friends,” Ruby said.

Ruby confirms the rumor of freshmen signing up before 10-12 students was true.

“Yeah, for some reason no one got the email, so they directed us to the canvas page around 10:54-10:55ish,” Ruby said.

Following up, Ruby felt the sign-ups were unfair in the aspect that not everybody signed up at the same time.

“I think some kids got cheated out of going to the club they wanted to go to, especially since the 10-12 students didn’t get to sign up at the same time as us,” Ruby said.

Ruby thought could have gone better if the tech issues weren’t present.

“If everyone signed up at the same time, things would have been way better,” Ruby said.


Eric Boester is a sophomore student who will be an active member of the airsoft club.

Like Ruby, Eric shares a passion for airsoft matches.

“I like playing with fake guns in safe gear with my friends,” Eric says. “I wish more people could join.”

Eric doesn’t seem to mind that freshmen students signed up for clubs before 10-12 students.

“I still got to sign up for my club, and so did my friends, so it doesn’t really matter. I wish there were more clubs to go to though,” Eric says.