Vandalism mars classroom walls


VM Smith

White primer paint covering the wall near room 130 is some of the remaining evidence of last Friday’s vandalism.

Last Friday, symbols of graffiti were scrawled inside the school, leaving many questions unanswered. Although a few markings were visible to students before they left for the weekend, most pieces of graffiti went unnoticed.

Some works of graffiti were simple and clear, such as numerous symbols and a few stars.

One piece of graffiti said, “defend your students like you defend your gun rights.”

Other pieces of graffiti painted by the unnamed perpetrator were threats and anti-Christian messages.

The custodial staff has painted over the graffiti with primer.

Now all that remains are white blotches of paint, a reminder of what may have been there before.

Officer Eric Butler was unable to comment or provide any further details.