Streaming program expands


The student roster of the Charger Sports Network

Missing a game is something that no fan wants to do. Whether it be a parent, a teammate or anyone else. This is the philosophy behind many streaming programs including the student run Charger Sports Network.

This network was created in order to fill the lack of a sports broadcasting group by Athletics director Dan Ginder. It was started in the fall of 2020 when covid restrictions impacted most sporting events.

“I always felt like Carroll High School should be streaming our games, having a presence in the streaming world,” Ginder said. “Then when we were dealing with [covid] and we weren’t allowed to have fans in the stands, it was one way to help bridge that gap of letting parents and family members see their kids participate while we weren’t allowed to have them in person.”

In the past couple of seasons they have expanded and upgraded their team through things such as better equipment and more coverage.

“Last year we just had, for volleyball and soccer, we just had the stream with the camera. No talking, no analysis,” graphics producer Hunter Mitchell said. “This year we’ve got analysis, deeper in depth highlights. We’re elevating our level of production as well.”

With the relatively small team working the network they also seek to gain new members ,and in order to accomplish this they have started a club called fittingly enough the “Chargers Sports Network Streaming Club.”

“Our focus is trying to get those kids involved that are interested in it,” Ginder said. “Even if it’s just, ‘Hey, I want to try it out and see if I like it.’ You know, with no strings attached”
This club is especially important as some members of the already small team will graduate leaving some positions vacant.

“The more help we can get, we’ll take it,” Mitchell said. “Because next year we don’t have any play-by-play commentators except unless I move up.”

This growth has also been assisted by people who work for other schools and organizations involved with live streaming events.

“Jeff Mahoney, who started Summit City Sports, was a tremendous help in helping get us started here. As well as , Mr. Schenkel at Homestead High School who runs their department,” Ginder said.

Student leader and voice of the chargers Landen Traylor also has a goal for this season, before he graduates in the spring.

“My biggest focus right now is leaving it in good hands,” said Traylor. “Because obviously I can’t come back next year. I’m a senior this year so, this is it for me.”

Following this message, Traylor also encourages new people to consider joining the club to further their high school experience

“You know, just join it. It’s not what you think it is: You can find your future self, you can find your future career, you can find a hobby you like, you can develop relationships. All that and more through the network.”

As this club continues to expand into the future they aim to keep further improving the quality and viewership of the broadcasts, while giving students an opportunity to get hands-on experience with sports broadcasting.

“You know, I never, when I took this job, I never thought I would be into the broadcasting world,” Ginder said. “But I’ve learned to love it in a different kind of way. That is, it’s fun, it’s interesting, it’s challenging.”

If you wish to support the network you can find their social media here:
@Charger_sportsnetwork  on Instagram and TikTok
@Carroll_stream on Twitter
Charger Sports Network YouTube