Increased PDA arises discomfort amongst students and faculty

After winter break, more couples have gotten together. However, with more affection being displayed the teachers and students voice their discomfort.

This couple walks through the halls to class  while they are holding hands for everyone to see.

This couple walks through the halls to class while they are holding hands for everyone to see.

Walking through the halls it is evident that you will be able to spot some sort of PDA (Public Display of Affection). Having a high school relationship can be great. However, not everyone wants to see the affection that people have for each other. Getting through the school day is hard enough without having the “jumpscare” of couples everywhere. 

Once people arrive at school, many students want to bleach their eyes out or bang their heads on a wall. Seeing kids at school constantly showing PDA is not a great way for others to start their day. Along with that, it adds to the reasons that students are annoyed about attending school.

“School just isn’t the place for that and it makes the whole atmosphere feel more awkward and mildly annoying,” Freshman Emily Potter said.

Transitioning into high school is hard enough and having to see PDA all the time does not help. When the first thing you see is couples showing PDA it doesn’t ease people’s nerves.  As a freshman, coming to a big school is already intimidating without having to add on socializing and seeing all of the couples together.  

“I always see lots of hand-holding and couples doing couple things in the commons. It genuinely just makes school more of an annoyance,” Potter said.

The student body is not the only group that notices PDA at school. With students constantly crowding in the commons and loitering in the hallways, it’s not hidden well. Along with that, the teachers see it all day every day as well.  

“I think outside of school is the only place for it. Inside of school, there is absolutely no place for it,” Dramatic Literature teacher, Michael Klein said. 

Throughout the school, all grade levels display some sort of PDA. There seem to be consistent grade levels that are more PDA-heavy than the others. Along with that, there are certain types of PDA that are constantly shown. 

“It’s mainly the lowerclassmen, freshmen, and sophomores. However, that does not exclude the upperclassmen. For types of PDA,  I always see the 3-4 minute long hugs followed with some kissing,” Klein said.

Most high schools have a rule where hand-holding and light hugging is allowed. Schools such as Newton High School and Santiago High School have a rule against most forms of PDA.

“It is acceptable for hand-holding and light hugging, however, nothing else will be tolerated. If any students display any other affection, they are asked to stop and receive detention, Saturday school, or be suspended from school.” states the school policy for Santiago High School.

While it is understandable that most couples don’t get to see each other a lot, school is a professional place. Students do not have the expectation of seeing couples act like they are on a date. PDA is acceptable to a certain point, however, other than hand-holding and light hugs it is inappropriate.