Girls Basketball hit with an IHSAA Violation


Coach Mark Redding walks with his head down, frustrated at a call made in the 4th Quarter. Photo by Avah Crane.

The Carroll Chargers Girls Basketball team was caught up in a transfer violation, that by rule is an IHSAA offense.

In 2022, a transfer came to Carroll High School, and it was later discovered that her transfer papers were not filed.

The Papers were discovered after Christmas Break and then filed, which by rule means the Chargers will have to forfeit their 11 victories from November to December, which will put their record at 3-14 on the season now.

The unnamed player had her varsity minutes redacted, and was ineligible until the paperwork is set.

While Carroll will have asterisks on their 11-6 record, this small offense does not take away what this team has accomplished this season.

The Chargers will close out their regular season on Friday, January 27th on the road against Snider, and then will play at Dekalb for the 2023 IHSAA Girls Varsity Basketball Sectional, where their matchup has yet to be determined.