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11 ways to counteract seasonal depression

Aaron Lee (unsplash)
Person dancing in the snow.

It starts with a slow-burning sadness and concludes with a deep melancholic state. Seasonal depression is highly prevalent during the winter months. There are many ways to counteract this, including positive ways to simply live your life. 

  1. Wake up every morning and think about something positive you’ll do that day: For most teens when they wake up they groan at the thought of a new day. Not wanting to seize the day, living it as if they have a guaranteed 50 years to grow. Life isn’t guaranteed, so live as if today is your last. Live it with joy, and a smile on your face, and think positivity. Stretch your arms above your head, plaster a grin on your face, and be grateful for the day. 
  2. Don’t judge yourself: No one is the same, no one is like you and you’re not like anyone else. Living a life that revolves around judging yourself isn’t a life. You are a compilation of people who love each other. You have features from your grandmother that your grandfather adored. Your crooked nose is what made your mother fall head over heels for your father. Find comfort in the fact that you are a mix of features that created a bond between your family.
  3. Do what you want: Don’t fall for the comforting faults of peer pressure. Making others feel good about themselves, or their decisions does make you feel good for a second. This honeymoon stage plateaus and you start to feel disappointment and regret. Doing what you truly want guides you into a self-love journey. 
  4. Wake up and dance: When you feel down, depressed, or hopeless, get up and dance. Leah Campbell is an author who focuses on mental health and parenting. She displays the steps of “dancing it out”,  “Put on your favorite music, open your windows, and get your body moving.” 
  5. Go to therapy: Going to therapy doesn’t equate to you being “fragile” or even  “broken”. It helps you develop coping skills and ways to help yourself and your friends.  Digging deeper into why you feel how you feel boosts your self-love and gives you validation. 
  6. Say “No”: Those two simple letters can change your morale, boosting self-love and how you effectively live your life. Saying “No” can be difficult but allowing yourself to decline permits you to grow. Margarita Tartakovsky, an author with a Masters in Science shows why saying “No” supports your growth, “And saying no and honoring your feelings, needs, and limits also leads to a healthier you.” 
  7. Don’t compare yourself to others: Everybody has a feature that they dislike about themselves: your chubby thighs, scrawny arms, or humped noses.  These are all aspects that another person envies of you. Stop. Take a second and realize that everyone has a feature that they dislike about themselves. So when you are faced with a situation that allows you to judge yourself, stop and take a breath. Elizabeth Perry is an innovative writer, who has a background in psychology, she shows what comparison can spiral into. “Too much comparison leads to unhappiness and low self-esteem. We become frustrated with ourselves for ‘not being good enough,’ or angry with others.”
  8. Splurge: Though breaking the bank at your local Target isn’t the best decision financially, it is a real morale booster. Or, to save some money, simply buy your favorite high-end mascara or even a fancy Lego set. Spoiling yourself is a fun and easy way to put a smile on your face. Sarah Sharkey, a freelance writer, with a Master’s in Management and a Bachelor’s in Biology, describes why splurging can help elevate your mood. “Life can be such a whirlwind and treating yourself is something worth doing amidst it all. Whether it be a new book, a face mask, or a massage, if it makes you feel good it’s already proving its worth.”
  9. Declutter: Tackling that dingy corner in your room that has been haunting you all week not only declutters your space but also your mind. Sherri Gordon an expert in health and social issues describes why clutter causes stress “In some ways, clutter and mess is linked to negative emotions like confusion, tension, and irritability while an organized home tends to produce more positive emotions like calmness and a sense of well-being.”
  10.  Set boundaries: Setting boundaries allows you to have a wall between you and others. It enables you to be your own person and permits you to make your own decisions. Sahar Andrade, who holds a double Bachelor’s degree in Internal Medicine and Surgery explains that boundaries lead you into a life you want   “Boundaries are not just about getting what you want. It’s about you living your life on your own terms.”
  11. Only speak kindly to yourself: Having compassion and empathy for yourself helps you work through rigorous challenges. Alice Boyes is an author who specializes in communicating social and positive psychology research so others can live healthier lives. She describes that people who have more self-compassion can jump back from hardships. “People who are self-compassionate recover better from psychological knocks, like relationship breakups and career setbacks. One way to show yourself compassion is through self-talk”

Though these acts seem simple, they can not only boost your mood but can prevent the symptoms of seasonal depression.

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