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Catching Up with the Fantastic Fernandez

Social studies teacher Jordan Fernandez stands outside of her room one last time. Photo from @jordanferndz on Instagram.

Jordan Fernandez, 2022’s Teacher of the Year, has since left her classroom and students for new opportunities as an instructional coach at EACS. Though she is dearly missed by the students she taught—and vice versa—she greatly enjoys her new job.

“It comes with a lot of freedom to go where I need to, when I need to, which most classroom teachers are not used to,” said Fernandez. “I am also getting to journey all over the state to attend conferences with other educators, which marries my love for travel and for learning perfectly.”

As an instructional coach, she helps teachers with planning lessons, professionally developing their teaching skills, and analyzing national/state assessment data.

“But I do miss having my own classroom and relationships with my own students,” said Fernandez. “I’m sure my husband is tired of listening to me apply AP Psychology content to everything that happens in our lives now that I no longer have my classes!”

By the age of five, Fernandez knew she wanted to be a teacher. She cemented her decision to go on the social studies path after having a particularly good history and psychology teacher in high school. 

“I come from a family of teachers, principals, and superintendents, so it’s really felt like my career path for as long as I can remember,” said Fernandez.

With that passion and background, Fernandez made a good reputation for herself, to the point of becoming the social studies department chair and gaining the title Teacher of the Year in 2022. Social studies teacher and colleague Robert McKerr can attest to her skills.

“I came to her room and told her that I was the teacher that nominated her, along with several students,” said McKerr. “We both teared up a little bit because I do not think she knew how much I truly looked up to her and believed she was one of, if not the best teacher in the district.”

McKerr often asks his senior students who their favorite teachers have been over the years, and Fernandez has popped up time and time again in their answers. He has also since taken over as the department chair.

“I hope to continue her tradition of excellence as the social studies department chair now,” said McKerr. “She is missed by many here, but I know she is going to make a great impact on students and teachers in East Allen County Schools, and I look forward to staying in touch over the years.”

Senior Elizabeth Ellingson took both AP Psychology and AP European History with Fernandez as a teacher. They talked often, which led to a good friendship and multiple tiny ducks hidden in Fernandez’s classroom.

“The ducks were a joke with my friends and I,” said Ellingson. “At the very end of the year we bought ‘yassified’ tiny ducks—they were bright pink—and hid like 100 of them around her room.”

Fernandez was influential during her many years here, not only for her friendliness, but also for her teaching skills.

“I got through 2 AP classes with her and she taught me far more than how to take an exam: she taught me the patience to learn, sparked excitement to explore, and the resilience required to succeed,” said Ellingson. “I know she had wanted a position like the one she now has at EACS, so I’m really happy for her to pursue something she enjoys. I wish her the best of luck on her new exploits.

She had a great impact on students here with her engaging classes and kindness. Rest assured, Fernandez misses NACS, too.

“I hope everyone at CHS, both staff and students, knows how much I miss them,” said Fernandez. “I worked in NACS for 11 years, and it truly feels like home to me. My daughter will go to a NACS elementary school in a few years, and my family plans to be an active part of the NACS community for many years to come. I’m proud of the work happening in NACS and excited to see what happens next!”

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