Holiday Spirit: When is too soon to decorate?

Percentages of Charger Online readers polled.

Percentages of Charger Online readers polled.

Tauri Hagemann, Opinions Editor

When is it appropriate to get into the holiday spirit?

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As the holiday season draws nearer, controversy over the appropriate time for the Christmas season has created tension in the Carroll community. The overwhelming majority of students believe that once thanksgiving has ended, it’s alright to get excited for Christmas. However, some students feel that this is either too soon or not soon enough, and it has become a topic of debate since November began.

The most overwhelmingly popular opinion is that once Thanksgiving ends, the Christmas season can begin.

Senior Marisa Featherston says that she will “always try to wait until after Thanksgiving” to get into the Christmas spirit.

“While I’m Black Friday shopping, I’ll listen to Christmas music,” she said. 

Senior Darci Fosnaugh is of the mindset that every season is Christmas season, and that it’s alright to listen to Christmas music or be excited for Christmas all year long.

“How can you get into the Christmas spirit if you never stopped being in the Christmas spirit?” Darci said.

However, despite the debate and controversy over when is appropriate to get into the holiday spirit, students across the school are growing increasingly excited for the approaching holiday season and the inevitable end of the semester that comes along with it.