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Students Feel The Stress of Academic Validation

Daria Nepriakhina

It is common for students to strive for academic validation in some way shape or form. It can stem from older siblings or parental pressure. Students tend to stress themselves out to live up to outlandish expectations.

“My desire to have good grades, which stems from my family life, is what gives me academic stress, meaning that I am the person who gives myself the most stress,” said Freshman Anna Sicoe.

Although the majority of academic stress stems from family life, teachers can also hold their students to a certain expectation. This can seem unachievable, and it is yet another thing that causes academic stress.

“Over time, there has been a significant focus on grades and student GPAs as the primary measure of success. This shift has led to a change in priorities, placing greater value on grades over the acquisition of knowledge or skills,” said Teacher Meaghan Sholl.

With teachers adding on extra academic stress, the students have overlapping tests, exams, and projects, which can create an overflow of stressors.

“I think that if teachers were more understanding of situations such as having multiple tests, projects, and assignments in one day, it would help since it could take off some of the workload,” said Sicoe.

Parental expectations may vary. Many parents tend to set expectations more for themselves and not their child. With the overabundance of stressors, the need and want for academic validation is high.

“Some [parents] may have expectations their child cannot meet or do not wish to achieve. On the other hand, some parents may have no expectations regarding their child’s academic performance,” said Sholl.

Many children strive to do the best they can for parental approval or to prepare for college.

“For example, if a student does not come from a financially stable family, they would try to get a college scholarship through good grades,” said Sicoe.

Sholl is aware of the stress students face and tries to alleviate it. Though other classes may be more intense, talking to teachers may prove to be beneficial.

“When I notice a student is stressed, I offer support and ask how I can help,” said Sholl. “If they need time to relax, I allow them to take a break during class, with the expectation of completing their work later.”

Academic validation is used as an umbrella term for various concepts and stressors. Just remember that your grades don’t define you and you are not alone in this academic swamp of emotions.

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