Supplies and Demands

Harrison Hopkins, Staff Reporter

School is in full swing, now a month into the new school year students have went from dipping their feet in the water to being in the deep end. Now the question is how do you prevent yourself from drowning? Certain school supplies can be your life preserver and the tool you can depend on when life throws crazy amounts of assignment on you. What are the best supplies to make this year the best for you?

With so many different classes here and Carroll that demand different supplies and numerous brands of pencils, binders, and folders. What really is the best for you?

Freshman Lilly Moehring carries three binders for all seven classes which means her binders often hold papers from several subjects.

“But I do find that being organized with your supplies does help me with keeping everything together,” Lilly said.

Some students can grab school items and not be too picky about what color it is and having one specific item for just one class. But others can’t function properly without certain supplies. Senior Lauren Monasa must have matching colors with her folders and notebooks.

“Color coordination helps me a lot. I’ve always had folders and notebooks to match to a certain class.” Said Monasa

The real answer on how to shop comes down to if you are an organization freak or not. Some students can just push a lot of papers in one folder while others need the organization to help them succeed in the year.

But now that you have bought the supplies the question is do you need anymore? And do you have enough? Ever since the introduction of laptops, has the process of getting school supplies changed at all? Juniors Asher Wigge and Maddie Kindler don’t think so.

“I don’t think the laptops really have any effect on school supplies.” said Wigge.

Kindler had similar things to say. She usually finds herself not being able to rely on our laptops but instead relying on her supplies

“Having laptops hasn’t necessarily made having school supplies easier because most teachers don’t allow laptops to be used in class,” she said.

Laptops are a great tool to use but their presence hasn’t really changed much when it comes to preparing for the year. A common problem that students run into with their supplies is running out of them during the year and having to rebuy.

“I run out of little things like lead halfway through the year and I find myself having to buy new often.” said freshman Alexandra Novell.

Tips to remember are to buy more pencil lead and paper then you might think you need because students often run out of those quickly. As well as keeping in mind your OCD if that sort of thing bothers you. But really when it comes down to it, with all the unpredictability a new school year can throw at you. The fact is that there is no sure-fire method to be one hundred percent ready.

“I think it’s better to have more supplies because without having what I need for school I get anxiety and my grades drop,” said Novell.