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Harrison Hopkins

The thing Harrison Hopkins loves most about writing and journalism is being able to express yourself and tell everyone a story. As well as getting to see the world through different people’s eyes. Ever since he could remember he would spend his free time writing fake movie scripts, comic book stories, and plays. Eventually writing fiction pieces was getting old so he started writing about himself. After that he realized other people’s lives and stories were even more interesting. He started writing about that which lead him to journalism and now charger online.

Hobbies include singing, dancing, acting, and playing piano. Harrison is involved in the show choirs and musicals here at Carroll, when he isn’t performing he is either going to the movies, writing, or discussing new story ideas with friends. Collecting comics and figures has always been a passion of his. He has come to learn having those things around him when he writes always helps him come up with new and interesting story ideas.


Harrison Hopkins, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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