Should you Pass on Movie pass?


Harrison Hopkins, Staff reporter

Struggling Movie theater chains around the world have tried ideas to bring people into theaters and out of the living rooms, like cell phone friendly auditoriums. Allowing people to be on their phones during movies. The newest change is many theaters has been serving alcohol and even adding bars for drinking to hopefully attract more people. The boldest off all the new ideas is easily “Movie pass”

Created in 2011 by the co-creators of Netflix, movie pass was created with the mind set of “if you can’t beat them join them” with streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO taking people away from theaters and into their homes more. Movie pass was created as a monthly subscription service like how Netflix works. Customers can pay a $9.95 monthly fee and are given a card which grants access to seeing one movie a day at almost 90 percent of theater chains worldwide.

If this deal sounds too good to be true, it is.

Not too long ago, Movie Pass was facing bankruptcy. The company knew they had to change their plan fast or they were going to start losing more money than they were making.

The plan changed and this time the deal had the same monthly price of $9.95 per month but instead of seeing one movie a day there was a limit of seeing three movies a month. Breaking this offer down it is still quite the steal with an average movie ticket costing around $10 it is still saving money.

“I overall do think movie pass is a good deal, however as time has gone on and they have added restrictions on how many movies you can see and what theaters you can see them, we don’t go to the movies as often as we use to before the changes. If the restrictions don’t go away. I don’t think we will renew our membership,” said Abigail Brouwer, junior who holds Movie Pass with her family.

Movie pass, even after their new restrictions are still saving you money, but it will only save you money if you are a regular movie goer.

People who see an average of three movies a month will save around 20 dollars a month with movie pass.

However, people seeing maybe one movie a month or less then this service isn’t for them because they won’t make their money back.

“Movie pass is for people who regularly see movies, as well as live in a city with multiple movies theaters owned by different movie company chains just in case because movie pass doesn’t work at all theaters,” Brouwer said.

The finale verdict then comes down to how many movies a customer goes to every month. People that go see two or more movies a month should go with the movie pass program. Movie pass was made for people like that.

On the other side, people that find themselves going weeks and weeks without seeing movies then this service is not for them. As for the future of movie theaters, time will only tell if this new plan will pay off.