Snowfall not problem … yet

Harrison Hopkins, Staff writer

Indiana is no stranger to weird weather. But one thing you can always count on is snow in Fort Wayne. But this year it hasn’t been that straight forward. Though we are only a month into the winter season it is already clear that it is an unusual one. Christmas was wet instead of white, and winter activities like sledding and skiing have been put on hold.

The snow fall amount in Fort Wayne this year so far is only about 3 inches. To put that it in perspective, by this time Fort Wayne normally sees up to 8 whole inches. But the snow isn’t the only weird thing happening during Fort Wayne’s winter. There were days in December this past year where Fort Wayne reached almost 60 degrees, and the average temp for last month was in the upper 30’s, which is 6 degrees higher than the average. Must days averaged about 30 degrees in Fort Wayne during December, and the sad thing is it needs to be about 32 degrees to snow, which means snow has been so close yet so far in the Fort.

Precipitation amounts in Fort Wayne have still stayed normal but almost all of that has come from rain. There was a day over winter break after Christmas when it rained for the entire day. Due to the snow being so lack luster this season so far people who thrive of the snow have been left in the dust. Ski resorts in the area haven’t been able to have as much snow as normal which can be fixed because ski places can create man-made snow but some days that hasn’t been an option because it needs to be cold enough to make snow and with days reaching 50 degrees that isn’t possible.

Freshmen Cameron Gregory loves to ski and looks forward to going every year on trips. But this year it seems that those days will be few and far between. With school out of the way during break its normally a perfect time for him to hit the slopes. I haven’t been able to go skiing yet this season,” said Gregory.  “We usually head up to Michigan, but this year it’s been harder because of the weather.”

Skiing, sledding, and every activity that comes with snow can’t go on without the cold, white, flaky joy.

Another occurrence that happens during the winter months, especially in our area are closed snow days. And NACS has had a grand total of 1 this season, which occurred mid-November, and was due to icey roads, and not snowy hills. Junior Kaitlyn Uchtman loves the season of winter because of Christmas and snow. “I do wish we would get more snow, not too much where everything is closed down but at least enough, so it feels like winter. I was hoping it would snow on Christmas but sadly it didn’t.”

Indiana is known for its crazy weather, at this point it probably wouldn’t surprise a resident if it started snowing in July. Snow is usually a regular occurrence this time every year in the Fort and it is severely missed.

It’s not all dry ground and cold sad nights for the people of Indiana. The forecast shows snow is here and it may be a regular occurrence. The second half of this month could be the white winter so many residents have been waiting for. As for now keep those sleds, skis, and snow days in your dreams and look forward to a possible white future